At John McLeod & Son we have a range of products for sale or for hire, from reclaimed wood and stone, to Storage Containers of various sizes.

You can have a look at our gallery to see some examples of what our products have been used for.

Please see our list of products below or download one of our product flyers:

End of Life Tyres

We have free for up lift, end of life tyres. Give these tyres a new lease of life....

Various sizes from tractor tyres to lorry tyres, to van tyres to trailer tyres.


Uses for your tyres:

- as a planter in the garden or veggie plot, put one plant per tyre.

- on a cross country course for jumps

- in a field or stable to hold water or feed buckets

-  hold down a cover, like polythene on silage pits

- as a bumper on boats, harbours, kart tracks,

- make your own assualt course,

- or rope and tyre swing for the kids

- the possibilities are endless, just use your imagination... 


If you would like any of the tyres call Gary on 07802339845 or e-mail Gary on   

End of Life Tyres
End of Life Tyres